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Return To The Basics For Web Success

I was watching Barry Bonds, of baseball's San Francisco
Giants, when he hit a home run recently. At age 38, he is
the most feared and respected hitter in the game. For those
that don't know, last year he broke the single season
homerun record and this year his batting average led the

When he steps to the plate, boy oh boy, he sure has the
pitcher's full attention. I think they'd really prefer root
canal to that smooth, swift and powerful swing of his.

There's just no denying that when it comes to hitting, he
has surely reached the mountain top and has joined an elite
group of baseball's all-time best.

Maybe, if I copied him, I could become a major leaguer.
And maybe, if he told me all his secret techniques, I could
even join the elite as well.

Well, it may be fun to daydream. But you and I both know,
quite realistically, that this just isn't very likely.
Secrets or not, expert advice or not, reaching a goal like
this takes years of training, experience, skill development,
a certain inner fire and motivation and a number of other
crucial factors.

The same holds true on the internet. There's some great
advice available. But how come it works so well for those
giving the advice, and usually not so well for those taking

Well, it's due to the same reason that I won't be hitting a
96 mile-per-hour fastball for a 450 foot homerun anytime
soon, despite all of Barry's gracious help. I just haven't
developed the necessary skills to properly execute the
advice. I don't have the eye, the bat speed or the power,

So, What Is One To Do?

The answer is to backtrack - to return to the basics.
Guru tactics or not, without a like amount of first hand
experience, without 'name brand' recognition and without
friends and colleagues to leverage your efforts, the going
can be understandably rocky at first.

Instead, recognize the skills that have led to their
success. Focus on these, make them your foundation ... and
THEN build your house.

* Settle for nothing less than developing exceptional
communication skills. The written word still rules the web.
Quick tip: Learn to write like you talk, not like you write.

* Build and NUTURE your list. Sure, almost everyone knows
how important it is to build a list ... and it's hard
enough. But the truth is building the list is the
easier part. The real challenge is in keeping your list
interested and responsive. Again, content and communication
skills are vital here.

* Help others. This builds your reputation, as well as
cultivates a network of resources, both informational and
sales building. Somewhere down the road your friends may
be excellent Joint Venture partners and/or Affiliates.

* Remember that the great majority of surfers are looking
for information, not products. Many ezine ads and websites
are 'tuned out' for the same reasons we change the TV
channel during commercials. So, provide information, and
then promote that information.

* Inject your personality. Not pleasing everybody is
better than not pleasing anybody when people just can't get
a feel for you.

* Get your name out there. Write articles, post at
forums, submit 'subscriber introductions' or 'subscriber
feedback' where accepted. Brand, brand, brand for trust
and credibility.

* Be unique. Stand out from the pack. Ads, ezines and
websites can quickly blur into the mass of 'sameness'.
Great copy and website design is wasted if the message is
"same old, same old".

*Spend quality time with your Affiliates. Encourage and
teach those who are making the extra effort.

Follow these basics and learn these skills. Sure, your
favorite Guru can put up a new site, start promoting and
quickly get a good response. But only because he or she
has already built a solid foundation.

So, don't be tempted to jump ahead before you can even see
those 96 mile-per-hour fastballs. Progress through the
basics and you just may find yourself hitting them out of
the park.

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Joshua Rose is the Editor of The Internet Profit Wizards
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visit: http://www.internetprofitwizards.com.

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