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How to write a thank you

I'm About to Reveal Little Known 34482 Strategies, A Closely Guarded List of Real write articles Step-by-Step Guides and more information about how to write articles and write articles than you thought existed! Why? Because I think you need to know! I know I did. Look around, find some answers to your unasked questions, you will see what I mean.

Building an Audience on a Budget

I find that writing articles based on my own life experiences is the
best means of internet marketing. Writing down information
(valuable) that can inform and most importantly, HELP others. Write
in your own UNIQUE and distinctive style - what comes naturally to
you. Be yourself in your writing and you will find that the words
will flow. Use your individual area of expertise (and/or
interests) to help others through sharing your unique knowledge and
experiences of the magical journey that is life.

Then submit your articles to relevant ezines in your area of
interest or expertise, and/or publishers resources, lists like
Bill Montgomery's Article Express, Shelley Lowery's Article
Announce, Angela Giles-Klocke's Publish In Yours and finally, Mike Valentine's Free-Content.
In addition, they are all an excellent source of information.
Their web adresses are:

I believe that this strategy is the most effective form of TARGET
MARKETING... that get's us the best results by far on a very
limited advertising budget (like most start up home online
businesses)... and best of all it's free advertising.

A few final words to summarise...
You DON'T have to be a writer to write articles.
It doesn't matter whether you have never written anything before .
Just make a beginning.

"Be bold and unseen forces come to your aid."

(that is one of my favourite quotations- story of my life!).

Progress in life is accomplished by
doing the basics right - the "little chores day by day". Success is
never instantaneous - in any field of endeavour. For a while it may
appear as if you are not making a noticable difference through your
substantial efforts (in time and dedication put in ). However,
just keep "chipping away" at your online marketing long enough and
I can assure you, you WILL get noticed... even though it may take
awhile. This whole business of internet marketing has been one long
learning curve for us over the past four years - seeing what works
and what doesn't... like the lessons of life itself.

Just make a beginning. As the ancient Chinese proverb so wisely
said... "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step".

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