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Did I hear you say you wanted Information about the discipline of 47738? Well here it is! You’ll find a lot of knowledge about how to write articles, write articles and write articles, too. My intention is to give you the most current and accurate information about write articles and how to write articles as is humanly possible. I want to save you time. Seriously, I hope we can do that for you.


Here is my "dime's worth" (see learning "American English" , or at least
your expressions already) on the subject of writing for an international
audience on the world wide web. The Web offers you an opportunity,
unique in history, to speak directly to millions of potential customers.
Some commentators advise that if you want to be listened to,
speak to them "in their language".
I only partially agree (but then, I'm always breaking the rules!)...

When I write articles for "the international market" of the net, I don't
target particular countries and try to adapt my writing style.
I've found that people around the world don't seem to mind the fact
that I may use "funny" words or spelling - small details, like "s's"
instead of "z's", color or colour...as long as the grammar is reasonably correct.
I just try to write in my "natural style" - one in which I feel comfortable
(seeing I was brought up in South Africa with British English) and
suggest you writers do the same.

Incidentally, I put this short note at the end of all my articles...

"PS: Dear Americans, please excuse my British English spelling. Very Colonial!
I just write and use my own style and spelling,
one that I'm accustomed to (sounds funny that ending sentence in a "preppie").
I am quite happy for these articles to be used and distributed by other
electronic and other magazines.
If they help others out there in any way,
then I'm happy."

To sum up...
My advice is just find your "natural style" by writing as you
speak- as practice writing in your "natural style" breeds confidence.
Then submit your articles to ezines and announcement lists, like
Article Announce, Free Content and Publish In Yours.
I find this marketing method by far the most
effective means of getting traffic to our various sites (and one thing
then leads to another)... and best of all it costs nothing, but a little
time and effort!

Make sure your layout is good (not one of my strong points!),
as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published.

Hope this may help you readers "out there in cyberspace".

Happy writing and


Craig Lock

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Craig Lock
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I hope the facts you found about write articles and free advice on how to write an article answered your questions. Now you can go out and do well. That makes me very happy. What good is a collection of facts if no one uses them? That is why I built this site. Come back.


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